Unlocking the Future: Microcontroller Marvels with Open-Source Magic

Harness the power of our user-friendly microcontroller board, seamlessly upgraded with open-source software (Mblock), and dive into the world of captivating and user-friendly graphic coding. Experience the future of technology, made simple and compelling.


“Let Our Guided Learning Take You from Novice to Pro in No Time”


In this project, we will teach you how to display word on serial Monitor.


in this project we will light a single colour LED light (GYR LED) according to the sequence
that has been set.


This project aims to practice the use of traffic lights. We can control the colour of single
colour LED (GYR LED) one at a time. 

Alarm System

In this project we will build an alarm system. The alarm will sound if the infrared
sensor (IR sensor) detects an object in front.

Festival of Lights

In this project, we will use a potentiometer to turn on a multi-coloured LED (neopixel

Pedestrian System

A pedestrian system with a red LED that turns green and activates a buzzer when an infrared sensor detects an object and the user presses a button.

The New Millennium Music Instruments

In this project, we will build a new millennium musical instrument. The buzzer
will sound with a different tone when the power meter is turned to the set value.

Security System

Infrared and sound sensors activate an alarm with a buzzer and LEDs for threat detection. Deactivate it by pressing both push buttons simultaneously.

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