Embark on Learning Adventures with Our Dynamic Robot!

Meet our dynamic learning robot! It autonomously follows lines, offers Bluetooth control for free movement, and features easy and enjoyable graphic coding. Ready to make learning a thrilling adventure? Are you in?


Advantages for Mikrobotik

– The robots are learning robots with competition specifications that can be used in real robotic competitions. 
– The robots used autonomous movement along the line that can be control the movement using block coding in the mBlock software.
– The robots also can be use a free movement with “Bluetooth” that can be control through device.
– The software application used an easy and fun graphics coding so it enjoyable for users of all ages.

“Let Our Guided Learning Take You from Novice to Pro in No Time”

Vroom Vroom

Transform your robot’s buzz into a melody maestro! Craft captivating soundscapes with unique tones for an extraordinary auditory experience.

Please Switch On The Lights!

Illuminate the robotic journey with LEDs signaling power, battery, Arduino NANO, and line sensors, turning your robot into a dazzling spectacle.

Our Adventure Begin (Free movement)

Master mazes with precision using the ‘tank turn’ code block, allowing the robot to navigate based on user-set motor speed and direction.

Let's Follow the Line!

Unleash seamless line-following magic as your robot effortlessly cruises through continuous paths, unswayed by left or right junctions.

What Else To Do When Meeting Junction?

“Robot autonomy shines with the Steer Turn Method, making dynamic decisions at junctions—turn left, turn right, or stop with precision.”

What Else can be done When Meet Junction

Robot autonomy at its peak: Tank Turn Method enables dynamic decisions at intersections, seamlessly choosing left, right, or halt.

Wrong way? Make U-turn

Mikrobotik masters 180-degree U-turns and swift left or right turns within the Minimum Turn Duration, ensuring precise navigation along any line.

Let's Control Mikrobotik

Mikrobotik utilizes Bluetooth for efficient short-range data exchange, enabling direct communication with other devices and the creation of private networks.

We need Area Patrol

Mikrobotik efficiently patrols areas by combining multiple blocks, navigating lines with varying speeds, distances, and executing turns in the opposite direction.

Let's Find Hidden Treasures

Mikrobotik efficiently hunts hidden treasures using multiple blocks, seamlessly navigating through diverse intersections, adjusting turning speeds as needed.

Recycling Material Separation

Mikrobotik aids recycling by using robots equipped with gripper tools to efficiently move and separate recyclable objects, streamlining the recycling process.

Efficient Space Storage

For optimal space utilization, Mikrobotik utilizes a dual servo gripper, featuring two servo motors, to arrange a large number of objects sequentially.

Do you find it more preferable to read a PDF document rather than watching a tutorial on YouTube

If you do, you might prefer our module, which offers in-depth PDF materials for your learning needs. Click here to download the modules.

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