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The future belongs to our young generations. Give them the right knowledge and tools to be successful in their future undertakings. Provide them the opportunity to learn and develop skills of the future with STEMinMe. Go ahead and quickly sign up now!


Junior Course is aimed to attract and retain children’s interest in fundamental of electronic, mechanical and coding. Through child friendly development kits, gamified coding lessons, fun and engaging delivery methods children will be excited to be with all of our well curated learning modules


Rookie course will take children’s with clear interest in Robotics Coding to the next level. With no messy wiring and risky soldering, children can build their prototype structures, connect electronics and code its functionalities. These are made possible with Lego compatible blocks, Arduino based electronic modules and drag-and-drop coding


Advance course offers challenge for children to prototype various solutions to real world problems identified. They will learn more advanced Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics based kit coupled with graphical based and text based coding. Project experience will be more competitive and exciting


Expert course provides best opportunities for children to demonstrate their multidisciplinary technical skills (mechanical-electronic-coding) they have learnt. They will be coached to design, develop and test “real size” proof of concept prototype. Finally they can take pride and pitch their innovative solutions to all

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