STEM in Me Junior Course | STEM and Robotic Class

Give your children the opportunity to participate in basic electronic circuitry concept projects in affordable STEM and Robotic Class delivered by Experienced Engineers! Increase their interest in Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering which are the key knowledge for future high impact careers. Children will learn and explore basic electronic circuit concept through solving day-to-day problems.

Especially relevant in STEM and Robotic Class, while role playing children will learn about basic electronic circuit concept using mPuzzle, a toy-like electronic components and illustrated story book. Children will also explore basic problem solving and develop common logic.

Choose from various different levels that suits children interest and experience with basic electronic circuit concept. Most noteworthy children WITHOUT any previous exposure to STEM or Robotic Class OR children WITH previous exposure to STEM and Robotic Class will have something new to learn and would be able to enjoy it at their own pace.

STEM in Me Junior Camp: Level 2

STEM in Me Junior Course | STEM and Robotic Class Projects

In the STEM and Robotic Class, coaches will first introduce to the children the definition of STEM education. Then general approach of STEM education and the unique approach of STEM in Me in delivering STEM education. After the introduction, coaches will explain the day-to-day problem that children is going to solve.

Through cause-and-effect relationships, children learn to construct up to 12 different projects found in our everyday world, such as a street lamp that illuminates at dusk, or a TV remote control with a red LED light that shines when it’s turned on.

Then with the knowledge of basic electronic circuitry concept, children will explore are construct their own projects based on day-to-day problem that they face everyday. There will be presentation and game challenges for each child to proudly demonstrate their project prototype.

Finally, with the knowledge and skill, children then will built their own DIY Solar Robot project which they will take home.

Level 2 – Junior mPuzzle + DIY


Coaches explains mPuzzle, a collection of easy-to-use, snap-together magnetic components that teaches basic electronic circuitry concepts. With mPuzzle, students come to understand how things work by seeing cause-and-effect relationships and outcomes. Coaches use a fun and engaging story book that is entertaining and includes helpful visualizations and animated characters kids can relate to, and, most importantly, understand.

In each session, coaches walks students through one by one all the 12 different stories and projects in mPuzzle: Flash Light, Kitty Alarm, Reflex Battle Game, Solar Fan, Desk Lamp, Magnet Detector, Remote Control LED, Solar Controlled Light, Buzzer Control, Personal Fan, Security Badge, Stop Light.

Then with the knowledge and skill gathered, coaches guide students to use battery, input components, output components and logic components to explore and construct their own projects based on day-to-day problem that they face everyday.

In the end, coaches guides students and build their own DIY Solar Robot. Students see how the project they built operates and troubleshoots if there is any problem.

STEM and Robotic Class Session:

  • Target duration: 20 hours
  • Target students: 6 – 9 years old
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